5060 GSE group

Receberemos  em nossa cidade, no dia 25 da abril/2012 (5a.feira) o Grupo do IGE do distrito 5060 (Canadá/Estados Unidos)A recepção será na Casa da Amizade as 9:30h (travessa Sta Inês 193-Vila Ema)
Neste mesmo dia, teremos um "professional day" e à noite, as 20:00h, na Casa da Amizade, teremos uma apresentação do Grupo no decorrer da reunião festiva promovida pelo Rotary São José dos Campos Norte, na qual todos estão convidados.
Composição do Grupo do IGE:

Ed Kolybaba, Team Leader, Rotary Club of Kelowna - Sunrise

 I think of myself as a visionary leader committed to using my  free time and energy to serve those in need within the community and the world.

I am an experienced educator, senior administrator and consultant.  Prior to early retirement, I served as a teacher, university professor, school principal, and director of education.  Following early retirement in July of 1999, I established a consultant business, providing consultative services for education, administration, business and non-profit organizations. I also served as faculty advisor with five different universities in Canada and the United States on a part-time supervising interns and student teachers in the classroom from 1999 to 2010. I have a Bachelor of Education, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration, and a Master of Education focusing on educational administration and staff development.
Since 2000 while living in British Columbia, I have served as a director with Habitat for Humanity, church representative on presbytery, president and director of the RC of Westbank, club representative on area Foundation committees, coordinator and trainer for the Rotary Leadership Institute, member and chair of the Grants Committee with District 5060 of Rotary International, as a 2011 PETS instructor, as the founder and chair of the Community Impact Group focused at addressing social needs in the Central Okanagan, and founder and chair of the Grins and Giggles Child Care Center Society, a not-for-for profit organization providing child care for families in need.  I have provided leadership for numerous humanitarian projects at the Rotary club and district level, including a major two year integrated humanitarian program in Ethiopia which is in the completion stages at this time.

I have provided extensive leadership as a founding member, director, board member, and executive officer with numerous non-profit organizations.  I also volunteer on community, regional and provincial organizations focused on recreation, local government, education, juvenile restitution, community development, foundation leadership, religious leadership, performing arts, and wellness services for children, youth and adults.

I have been married to Vivian, a retired registered nurse, since 1969.  While we do not have any children, we enjoy our many nephews and nieces who are living all across Western Canada.

While providing leadership for the GSE Brazil Team, I would like to expand and diversify my personal interest in humanitarian service, establish partnerships with Rotary clubs for future humanitarian projects, conduct needs assessments for potential humanitarian projects, visit existing humanitarian projects financed by international Rotary clubs, and appreciate and experience the Brazilian culture, language, and people.

Ross Courtney, Sponsored by Rotary Club of Sunnyside Daybreak
My name is Ross Courtney. I’m a 39-year-old married father of three.

I work as a reporter and photographer for the Yakima Herald-Republic, a daily newspaper in Washington. I love my work. I cover agriculture, government, schools and lifestyles. I also privately shoot weddings and portraits.  I live in Prosser, Washington, a city of 5,700 in the Yakima Valley. It’s an arid, farming community, known for tourism, wine, agricultural research and youth sports.

I am active in my church, volunteering with Sunday worship and community service activities. In Brazil, I hope to be placed with church-going families when possible. I also am an avid soccer fan and the past president of a local youth league.

I have several exchange goals; most of them involve research and photography for news stories for Yakima Herald-Republic. I want to be a working journalist as much as time allows. I have listed my requests for vocational and cultural visits below. I don’t expect all of them to be granted. To me, it’s more important to have plenty of time at my visits learn about people’s lives in personal ways.

·         Professional youth soccer training facilities, specifically Instituto Bola pra Frente in Rio de Janeiro — I’m interested in the differences between Brazilian and U.S. youth sports cultures. I would like to watch the training, take photos and interview the players and their families. Bola pra Frente was founded by Jorginho, a former Brazilian national team star. A Brazilian friend of mine from the Yakima Valley played professionally with Jorginho and wants to help me meet him, or at least gain access to the training. His name is Luiz Machado and he can be reached at luizmlmachado@hotmail.com. He speaks Portugese. Please ask him for help on this request.
      ·         A professional soccer match.
      ·         Church services.
      ·         Daily newspapers.
      ·         Biofuel sugarcane plantations or production facilities — The Yakima Valley has a small biofuels industry that may be able to learn from Brazil.
      ·         A favela on the rise — The organization Ibiss encourages youth activities, economic development, vocational training and community policing in Providencia, near Rio. Police Capt. Glauco Schorcht has been interviewed by foreign reporters. The Yakima Valley has neighborhoods with housing, poverty and crime problems, too.

·         A sunny, sandy beach. We’re in Brazil after all.

Agustin Benegas-Garcia, sponsored by Rotary Club of Chelan
My name is Agustin Benegas-Garcia. I am 29 years old, born and raised in Lake Chelan Washington. I come from a family of seven brothers and one sister with two hard working parents who also live in the Chelan Valley. Lake Chelan is a community of about 10,000 people and is surrounded by apple, pear and cherry orchards, as well as up and coming vineyards. It’s located in the north central part of Washington State and about three hours east of Seattle. I enjoy the outdoor activities that the valley offers such as swimming in the 55 mile long lake, biking and running along the lake, camping and hiking as well as enjoying the snow in the winter months. One of my favorite things to do is drive to the ocean in the summer months. I am also a very active community volunteer with the Lions Club and many other events throughout the year. 

I have an AA Transfer degree in education; however, deciding not to go into Education I joined Lake Chelan Community Hospital as a Clerk and transcriptionist for Health Information Management Services.  My current position now of Quality/Planetree Coordinator for hospital Quality Assurance is to work extensively with staff training, patient and staff physical and clinical safety, external and internal quality measures, patient centered care approaches, as well as a medical interpreter for the facility.

I hope to see Brazil’s unique landscape qualities, culture and traditions, futbol games, community events, and also visit Catholic cathedrals, and local agriculture farms.  I’m looking forward to visiting and meeting the people of Brazil who work in the fields of healthcare, education and agriculture. I hope to visit medical records departments within hospitals and clinics and/or rehab centers. What computer programs do they work with to document medical information?  How is information shared with patients, staff and outside healthcare facilities? I’d like to Visit with staff in charge of quality care within hospitals and clinics and Substance abuse rehab centers.  What are the programs like, do they have internal methods to prevent or improve patient and employee safety?  I would like to visit and meet staff in hospital emergency rooms and inpatient units. What are the unit environments like, what’s important to providing quality care?

Because I am involved with many avenues of hospital care, I feel that the more I see, the more I will experience.  One of my goals is to find similarities in healthcare and/or share experiences that could enhance healthcare in our communities. My hospital also has a drug and alcohol recovery center within it that is 28 days long. My goal is to see what recovery programs are like in Brazil.  

I’ve worked in education and continue to work with students in introducing them to healthcare fields. My goal is to learn about public schools and if they collaborate with hospitals to let students shadow healthcare professionals as part of a curriculum. I would like to see what classrooms are like, student teacher ratios, learn about the challenges for students in learning i.e. support from school and parents. What opportunities do students have in public schools vs. private schools?  I look forward to learning, appreciating and sharing similarities and differences between our cultures. 

Jennifer Girard, sponsored by Rotary Club of Salmon Arm

Hello my name is Jennifer Girard.   I am 32 years old and come from a small tight knit family of French Canadian heritage. I have one younger brother who is a helicopter pilot in the Canadian air forces. My father is a carpenter and my mother is a school teacher. I have little extended family that consists of some aunts and uncles and three cousins. My family members live in separate communities than myself and I travel six hundred kilometers to visit on holidays.  I currently live in a two- bedroom home that overlooks our local lake; Shuswap Lake.  I am highly involved in athletics such as downhill skiing and ice hockey through the winter time and during the summer months I like to participate in water sports as well as play golf. I also enjoy outdoor adventures such as hiking, fishing and camping.

My home community is Salmon Arm, located in the south western corner of Canada in the province of British Columbia. The city has a population of approximately sixteen thousand people and is located along one of the bays of Shuswap Lake that is outlined by rolling hills. Shuswap Lake has a perimeter of over fourteen hundred kilometers. Every summer, vacationers gravitate to this lake for houseboat vacations, warm waters and cottage getaways. The main industry is tourism and has hot dry summers and moderate winters with an annual snow fall of sixty three inches.

I am an active community volunteer with local sports programs and employed as a youth worker with youth at risk of drug, alcohol use and criminal behavior. I work with youth aged eight to seventeen and engage them in activities they are interested in that will build positive personal character. Some activities I have supported youth in are; visual arts, sports programs and music lessons. I often support youth in school and family settings as well, to ensure they are receiving the services they need to be successful.

My learning objectives and vocational site visits are as follows;

·         Visit with a local organization that engages youth in positive activities, such as something along the lines of SESC. 
·         Shadow a professional that works with youth in sports programs as well as professional sports.  I have a huge desire for hands on learning about your local futbol programs and how they help youth develop positive character through the love of a national sport
·         I am interested in the school settings of Brazilian youth and what a day looks like for them.
·         Experiencing what it is like to be a spectator at a Brazil Pro futbol game.
·         I have a desire to be involved with local community activities and traditions that bring Brazilian communities together to celebrate and honor one another.
·         I would like to visit favelas and engage with street youth population.
·         Discover the outdoors of Brazil, such as beaches and learn some traditional dancing

Given these opportunities I will be able to return to Canada with new and innovative ideas that would benefit my community and local youth.

Mike O’Reilly, sponsored by Rotary Club of Kamloops West

My Name is Mike O’Reilly and I live in the City of Kamloops, British Columbia. Kamloops is a city just a 4 hour drive north of Vancouver and is the hottest city in Canada! The city of Kamloops has a population of 89,000 people but is 3 times the size of New York City!  I have 2 younger brothers that live in Kamloops and both my parents live within a 2 hour drive of Kamloops.

My main hobbies in life are pretty much doing anything outdoors. Some of these hobbies include camping, hiking and skiing. On top of my love for the outdoors have become addicted to travelling! I usually go on 3 trips per year. Over the last 4 years I have been to, China, London,  Amsterdam, Germany, Austria, Italy, San Francisco, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hawaii, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, New York, Montreal, Quebec City and Miami. In all the countries that I visit, I try and stay away from the “tourist areas’ and live amongst the locals. By staying off the beaten path this allows me to learn the local culture and way of life.

It was in 2006 that I was introduced to the Rotary family through Rotaract. I was a charter member of the Rotaract Club of Kamloops Fusion and was the president during 2007/2008. It was in 2007 that I led a team of fellow Rotaractors to Honduras to work on our first hands on international project.

For my career I do economic development for the City of Kamloops. My main roll is working with businesses from Vancouver, Calgary and International countries such as Brazil, USA, China and Mexico to assist them with relocating or expanding their business into Kamloops. Another aspect of my job is working with City of Kamloops officials to help guide the growth and development for the city. During my exchange to District 4600 I am hoping to achieve many things.

·         I would like to meet local business owners and learn what some of their main hurdles are to maintaining a profitable business in Brazil. Also it would be a great to meet with companies that are looking to Expand into the North American market and learn some of the challenges and barriers that they have come across.

·         I am also hoping to meet and learn from City Developers and planners and learn how they are planning and developing their cities for the tremendous growth that Brazil is experiencing. Also I am very curious as to how planners are planning for sustainability and low income and impoverished families.

·         I am hoping to meet with local Economic Development officials to see how they are working to attract and retain businesses in their respective communities.

·         As I mentioned earlier I am a very big fan of outdoor recreation. I would love to get an opportunity to hike some local trails or mountains while I am in Brazil.

·         During the home stays I am hoping to get to learn as much as I can about the cultural differences between Canada and Brazil and what everyday life is like for all walks of life in Brazil.

·         And last but certainly not least it would be great to get the opportunity to see a local football game.

IGE - Intercâmbio de Grupos de Estudos

Dia 17 de abril, na Casa da Amizade de São José dos Campos, aconteceu uma belíssima apresentação  da Fernanda Ribeiro da Silva, que faz parte do Grupo de IGE e que nos representará no  distrito 5060 (EUA - Canadá) em maio de 2012.
Os temas da apresentação foram: Composição e perfil do grupo brasileiro do IGE ano rotário 2011/2012, cidades que compõe o Distrito Rotário 4.600  e o Brasil, com destaque para as áreas: Econômica, Cultural (danças, festas populares, comidas típicas),  Esportes (futebol), Ecologia(fauna e flora) e Sócio-Política (densidade demográfica da população brasileira pelas regiões norte,  nordeste, centro oeste, sul e sudeste)

Foi uma grande noite festiva, onde reuniram-se o Rotary Clube São José dos Campos Sul e RC SJC Satélite, com  40 pessoas presentes: Companheiros e familiares da Fernanda.

Líder do Grupo de IGE (à direita)
Regina Vilhena - RC Jacareí Avarehy
Fernanda Ribeiro da Silva (à esquerda)

Membros Titulares: (da esquerda para a direita)

Fernanda Ribeiro da Silva - RC SJC Satélite
Rafael Fagundes Rocha - RC VR Cidade do Aço
Flavia Aparecida dos Santos - RC Lorena
Renata Guimarães Frazão de Barros - RC BM Alvorada

Apresentação IGE- 2011/2012

Não percam a apresentação do grupo de IGE (Intercâmbio de Grupo de Estudos), onde a  Fernanda Ribeiro da Silva, é nossa representante de São José dos Campos  para este lindo programa  de Rotary International.

Será dia 17/abril, (3a. feira), as 20h na Casa da Amizade: Travessa Sta Inêz, 193 Vila Ema - São José dos Campos-SP

Por favor, confirme sua presença por email:  airtonruiz@terra.com.br  para que possamos preparar o serviço de buffet. O valor por pessoa é de R$ 20,00 (jantar incluso com bebidas à parte)
O pagamento poderá ser feito no local.

Composição da equipe: líder e membros que participarão da equipe de IGE que nos representará no distrito 5060(EUA - Canadá) em maio de 2012.
Comp. Regina Vilhena - RC Jacareí Avarehy

Membros Titulares:

Fernanda Ribeiro da Silva - RC SJC Satélite
Renata Guimarães Frazão de Barros - RC BM Alvorada
Rafael Fagundes Rocha - RC VR Cidade do Aço
Flavia Aparecida dos Santos - RC Lorena

Membros Suplentes:

Daniel Pereira de Barros Cobra - RC Taubaté
Ana Cândida Souza Dias - RC São José dos Campos Oeste
Romulo Costa Braga - RC VR Leste
Marcello Acuna Calzolari - RC BM Alvorada